The following Yokebe review was written by our editor Tom. 

Recently introduced in the UK and already being used by tens of thousands of Europeans, a trendy new nutritional and weight loss supplement has arrived: Yokebe.

Yokebe (marketed as a ‘Active Food’ by its manufacturer)  is a rich, natural protein based shake that belongs to the category of formula diet drink. It promises quick and easy weight loss results without the need to starve yourself. The product has seen great success in Germany, where it has a passionate following of people who swear that it has helped them to lose weight and who are impressed with the Yokebe method.

Yokebe is now also widely available in the UK, among others at Amazon, Asda, and Boots. Reason enough for me to test the product for 4 weeks and share my Yokebe review with our readers.

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My reasons for trying Yokebe

Like many others, I have also gained some weight over the last few years. Having a job and kids means that we inevitably start eating unhealthy and don’t have enough time for exercise. However, given that I’m now seriously unhappy with my figure, I decided to make a concerted effort to lose a few pounds.

Having heard about Yokebe, I decided to give it try and write this quite personal Yokebe review. In the following, you will find detailed notes on my Yokebe experience.

Yokebe Review: Week 1

I decided to get started with a set that includes ten portions of Yokebe Natural Honey and a shaker. Yokebe is also available in strawberry and chocolate flavors. I figured that I should not spend too much money in case I don’t like the shakes or if it turns out that I am unable to continue the diet.

My custom Yokebe diet

Yokebe suggests to pursue one of two diet plans. An extended 5-week diet or a quicker 2-week plan. In either diet, during the first week all meals should be replaced with Yokebe shakes – this is the so-called ‘concentration phase’.

However, when reading other Yokebe reviews I noticed that people often overlook that the official Yokebe diet allows for – even encourages – small snacks during the day as long as they are in the 200 calories range. These snacks should consist of fruits, vegetables, cereal, or similar food that contains a good amount of fiber.

Yokebe Zusammensetzung WirkprinzipIn the weeks following the intense first week, Yokebe shakes only replace breakfast and lunch. Dinner, however, can be any healthy meal (there are a number of Yokebe recipes available). This phase (the ‘learning phase’) last either 1 week (in case of the short diet) or 4 weeks (in case of the extended diet). Finally, once you’ve mastered this phase as well, Yokebe will only replace lunch – breakfast and dinner consist of regular, healthy meals.

I decided to skip the ‘concentration phase’ and begin with the ‘learning phase’, that is I replaced two meals per day with Yokebe shakes instead of all meals. However, this is just my personal preference (I wasn’t sure how healthy it is to consume nothing but shakes for an entire week and was also afraid I would be too hungry) and you should obviously try and replace all meals during the first week if you have the necessary discipline to do so.

First Yokebe Experiences

Yokebe Erfahrung

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Preparing a Yokebe shake is easy. Pour 250ml of low-fat milk into the shaker. Add 5 scoops of Yokebe powder. Shake for a few seconds – done.

Having prepared the first shake, the next question is, of course, how does it taste? In its basic version, natural honey, Yokebe tastes a bit like porridge, which I suppose is not a bad thing. I also found that adding some cinnamon or chocolate powder made a big difference and improved the taste. However, I also tried the strawberry and chocolate varieties, which are actually very tasty.

I was surprised to find out that Yokebe is quite filling. Indeed, replacing my breakfast and lunch with the product was not too difficult. Yes, I was slightly hungry at times, but it was manageable. Also, as mentioned above, the diet allows snacks during the day, which definitely makes things a lot easier.

Results after Week 1

The first results are encouraging:

  • Weight at the beginning: 82 kg / 12.9 st
  • Fat mass before the diet: 16 kg / 2.5 st
  • Weight after Week 1: 81,3 kg / 12.8 st (minus 0,7 kg / 0.1 st)
  • Fat mass after Week 1: 15.5 kg / 2.4 st (minus 0,5 kg / 0.07 st)

Yokebe Review: Week 2

While my experience with Yokebe was very positive during the previous week, Week 2 is has been more difficult. I feel tired, listless, and have a slight headache. I’m also quite hungry. Luckily, this all improves during the second have of the week. Clearly, my body has adjusted and learned how to cope with a lesser amount of calories. Hopefully things will continue like this.

Because I’m now in the second week of my diet, I’m now ‘officially’ allowed to replace only two meals instead of three (which I have been doing all along). Of course, meals need to be lean and healthy in order to keep the weight under control longer term. For example, meals can include:

  • Grilled salmon with vegetables
  • Pasta salad
  • Chicken breast with wild rice
  • Beef with mango curry
  • Marinated pork medallions
  • Chia pudding

The important thing is to stick to smaller portions and to eat slowly. Also, try to avoid alcoholic beverages as much as possible because they contain lots of calories.

Results after Week 2:

  • Weight at the beginning: 82 kg / 12.9 st
  • Fat mass before the diet: 16 kg / 2.5 st
  • Weight after Week 2: 80,2 kg / 12.6 st (minus 1,8 kg / 0.3 st)
  • Fat mass after Week 2: 14.4 kg / 2.2 st (minus 1,6 kg / 0.3 st)

Yokebe Review: Week 3

So I already lost some weight, which is  great. Not huge amounts, but then again this diet is a marathon, not a sprint, and I prefer to go slow and see consistent, gradual results. In addition, I can see that I’m actually losing fat and not muscle or water, which would be a problem. Yokebe supports this by supplying the body with sufficient protein to maintain muscle mass and a healthy metabolism.

It’s also important to do some light exercise at this point, and the Yokebe website recommend 2-3 workouts of 30 minutes each per week. For example, I try to run once or twice per week. In addition, I also try to work out at home, such as by doing some sit-ups and push-ups a couple. All of this should help burning more calories and support my weight loss goals.

Summary after Week 3: I’m still a little hungry, but I can manage it quite well at this point. I’m getting a little tired of the shakes but am determined not to give up. I’m also noticeably thinner and have even been able to wear trousers that have previously been to tight!

Results after Week 3:

  • Weight at the beginning: 82 kg / 12.9 st
  • Fat mass before the diet: 16 kg / 2.5 st
  • Weight after Week 3: 79,5 kg / 12.5 st (minus 2,5 kg / 0.4 st)
  • Fat mass after Week 3: 13.7 kg / 2.1 st (minus 2,3 kg / 0.4 st)

Yokebe Review: Week 4

I’m excited to enter the fourth and final week of my Yokebe reviews. I’m motivated by the thought of being done in a matter of days and determined to make it to the end of the week. Still, I have a small ‘accident’ mid-week, which sees me skipping the diet for one day and eating and drinking a bunch of ‘bad’ things, including a pint of beer. I’m back on track, however, on Thursday and things go well thereafter.

Thinking ahead, I plan to take a small break from Yokebe but see myself replacing at least one meal per day with shakes as much as I can gong forward. Also, I hope to stick to my exercise schedule and do everything I can to keep losing weight. The worst thing that can happen after a diet is a rapid weight increase, followed by another rapid weight loss once another diet begins. This is also known as the ‘yo-yo’ effect and should be avoided at all cost. Hopefully, with Yokebe, this will not happen.

Results after Week 4: 

  • Weight at the beginning: 82 kg / 12.9 st
  • Fat mass before the diet: 16 kg / 2.5 st
  • Weight after Week 4: 78.7 kg / 12.3 st (minus 3,3 kg / 0.6st)
  • Fat mass after Week 4: 12.9 kg / 2.0 st (minus 3.1 kg / 0.5 st)

My conclusion

Weight loss with the Yokebe diet actually works, as my personal experience has shown. It’s not as easy and fast as they make it appear in ads, it requires discipline – but it’s safe, effective, and will give you visible results.

After just 4 weeks using Yokebe I lost over 3 kg (0.5 st) and reduced my fat mass by 5%. This might not sound like much, but if I would continue at this rate I would actually lose 36 kg (5.6 st) in one year! Importantly, I also notice a visible difference and am able to wear clothing that previously had become too tight. In sum, I would say that my review of Yokebe was a success.

I’m not sure how long this weight reduction will last and how things will develop, but for now I can honestly say: thanks, Yokebe!

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